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Antonio Della Selva

Information Science and Technology Institute
UniversitÓ di Urbino,
Piazza della Repubblica, 13
61029 Urbino - Italy
Phone: (+39) No Phone
Email: antonio.dellaselva at uniurb dot it

Antonio Della Selva was born on 17th August 1972, in Benevento, Italy. He has graduated in Computer Science Engineering from UniversitÓ degli Studi del Sannio in January 2006. His thesis work reagards wireless sensors networks and their applications in Home Automation. In particular it deals with Sensicast Networks and mesh topology networks and their integration in the Domus Keeper framework by RCOST. In July 2007 he had a Master degree in Building and Home Automation at UniversitÓ "Carlo Bo" in Urbino. From 2007 he works in a WISP and teachs Computer Network at STI.

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