Moti Yung (CertCo Inc., New York)

Yung is a Vice President and a cryptographer with CertCo Inc. (formerly: Bankers Trust Electronic Commerce). He is also an adjunct faculty with Columbia University. He was with IBM Research during 1988-1996. Dr. Yung got his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Columbia University. His interests include a wide range of Cryptography, network security and e-commerce issues.

Cryptographic Technology and Protocols in E-Commerce (CTP): 8 hours.

We will review the basic cryptographic constructions and protocols that have been suggested for use in e-commerce both in practice and by the research community. A comparison between what has been achieved and what is desired will be given. Initial discussion regarding potential frameworks which are needed in order to facilitate formal analysis of requirements, specifications, and results will be discussed. The difference between the purely mathematical interpretation of results vs. their meaning within a systems context will be covered as well (indeed, from a cryptographer's point of view, but with a wider outlook in mind).