Static Analysis for Security - Flemming Nielson (Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby)

Flemming Nielson obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in 1984 (on abstract interpretation and two-level denotational semantics) and in 1990 he obtained the first D.Sc. in computer science awarded at Aarhus University. He is the co-author of several books, contributed chapters, journal papers and conference papers in the area of semantics, program analysis, types and concurrency. His current work (on flow logics) concerns the application of static analysis to security. He has been associate professor at the University of Aarhus, visiting Konrad-Zuse professor the University of Kiel, guest professor at the Max Planck Institute of Computer Science in Saarbrucken and was recently appointed full professor at The Technical University of Denmark.

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