FOSAD 2017



The school is organized at the University Residential Center of Bertinoro - CeUB, situated in Bertinoro, a small village on a scenic hill with a wonderful panorama, in between Forlì and Cesena (about 50 miles south-east of Bologna, 15 miles to the Adriatic sea).
Lecture room and speakers accommodation are in the fortress (via Frangipane 6). Participants are hosted in the former seminary (via Frangipane 4), which is close to the canteen (via Frangipane 2). Self-service breakfast and lunch as well as the welcome buffet are served in the canteen. Check-in is at the seminary entrance on Sunday and at the fortress in the other days. A permanent house-keeping service works at the fortress.

Bertinoro from Bologna airport:
The international airport "G. Marconi" of Bologna is about 6 Km far from Bologna central railway station, to which is connected through the airport shuttle service. The trip takes approx. 20 min. Then, by train the trip takes 35-50 min from Bologna to Forlì.
From the train station of Forlì it is possible to take either a taxi (Bertinoro is about 13 km far and the fare should be about 20 euro) or a bus from the near bus station, which is called "Forlì Punto Bus" and is about 50 mt on the left (direct trips from Forlì to Bertinoro are not frequent, for more options check connections through Forlimpopoli). From the bus stop of Bertinoro, follow on foot the slope to the top of the hill to reach the CeUB. The walk takes approx. 10 min.

Look also at the CEUB web site.

Bertinoro is close to many splendid locations (such as Rimini, Ravenna, and the Republic of San Marino) and can also be a base for visiting some of the better-known Italian locations (such as Bologna, Firenze, and Urbino). Enjoy your stay!