Centro Residenziale Universitario
dell' Università di Bologna
Bertinoro (Forlì)

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How to Reach Bertinoro

The cheapest way to reach Bertinoro consists of taking a train from Bologna to Forlì, and then a bus from Forlì to Bertinoro. Note that a taxi ride from Bologna Airport to Bertinoro costs about 250000 ITL.

Getting from the Airport of Bologna to the City Center.

Guglielmo Marconi International Airport, which serves Bologna, is about 10 km to the north-west of the city center. From the airport, you have two options for reaching the center, where the train station is located:

Getting from Bologna to Forlì.

Several trains leave from Bologna to Forlì (more than one per hour): see the Italian Railways.

Getting from Forlì to Bertinoro.

The best way to reach Bertinoro from Forlì is by bus. The bus station (via Oriani) is about 200 mt. from the train station. The bus runs from 07.10 (09.10 on Sundays) to 19.35 (19.10 on Sundays). The trip takes around 25 minutes. Another option for reaching Bertinoro from the train station of Forlì is the taxi: the trip should cost around 45000 ITL.