14th International School on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design

FOSAD 2014 proposes zero knowledge, efficient NIZKs and their applications, formal methods for automated verification of security protocols and APIs, privacy and accountability in the cloud, distributed usage control, language based security, data privacy and communication privacy technologies.
The courses include theoretical and practical sessions. Current scheduling:

Mon 1 Tue 2 Wed 3 Thu 4 Fri 5
JG (9.00-11.00) JG (9.00-11.00) SK (9.00-11.00) AP (9.00-11.00) SK (9.00-11.00)
VS (11.30-13.00) AS (11.15-13.15) open (11.15-13.15)
SP (15.00-17.00) SP (15.00-17.00) AP (15.00-17.00) SK (15.00-17.00) AS (15.00-18.00)

The open session program is dedicated to talks given by participants about their ongoing research activity.
The open session schedule is as follows:

  • Tue 2 (17.15 - 18.00)
    • Aline Bousquet (INSA Centre Val de Loire, France)
      An autonomous system for the enforcement of security properties in a Cloud
    • Andrea Margheri (Firenze Univ., Italy)
      A formal approach for policy-based access control systems
  • Wed 3 (17.15 - 18.00)
    • Daniel Schoepe (Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Sweden)
      SeLINQ: Tracking Information across Application-Database Boundaries
    • Nadia Metoui (Trento Univ., Italy)
      Risk Aware Access Control and Information Disclosure
  • Thu 4 (17.15 - 18.00)
    • Hamid Ebadi Tavallaei (Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Sweden)
      Personalized Differential Privacy
    • Daniel Hausknecht (Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Sweden)
      Password Meters and Generators on the Web: from Large-Scale Empirical Study to Getting It Right
  • Fri 5 (11.15 - 13.15)
    • Kristof Teichel (PTB, Germany)
      Development and Formal Verification of the Network Time Security Protocol
    • Andrew Bedford (Univ. Laval, Canada)
      A progress-sensitive flow-sensitive inlined information-flow control monitor
    • Alessandro Bruni (DTU, Denmark)
      Analysing Security Protocols in Automotive
    • Omar Almousa (DTU, Denmark)
      Alice and Bob: Reconciling Formal Models and Implementation
    • Zaruhi Aslanyan (DTU, Denmark)
      Pareto Efficient Solutions of Attack Trees

Welcome buffet at the canteen - Sun 31 Aug (19.30-21.30)
Social dinner at the fortress - Wed 3 Sep (19.00)
Breakfast (8.00-9.00) and lunch are served at the canteen