Extra-Functional Modeling and Analysis of Context-Aware Mobile Software Systems


Luca Berardinelli, Vittorio Cortellessa, Antinisca Di Marco - Università dell'Aquila.


Aula 2 - Collegio Raffaello.


16:00 - 18:00.

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Context-awareness is becoming a first class attribute of software systems. In fact, applications for mobile devices need to be aware of their context in order to adapt their structure and behavior and offer the best quality of service even in case the (software and hardware) resources are limited. Existing approaches for extra-functional modeling and analysis fail to capture the characteristics related to the context, thus resulting not suited for this domain. In this talk we introduce a framework for modeling and analyzing extra-functional properties of context-aware mobile software systems. The framework allows to model: the software architecture, the context management, the adaptable behaviors and the extra-functional parameters. Such a model can then be transformed into an appropriate model for analysis purposes (e.g. a Queueing Network or a Petri Net). We also present an integrated environment for modeling these elements in UML, and we show how to use it for performance and reliability analysis purposes. The modeling environment description and the analysis are driven by an example in the eHealth domain.

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Prof. Marco Bernardo.

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