EPEW 2010: 7th European Performance Engineering Workshop
University Residential Center of Bertinoro, Italy
23-24 September 2010



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The European Performance Engineering Workshop is an annual event that aims to gather academic and industrial researchers working on all aspects of performance engineering.

Original papers related to theoretical and methodological issues as well as case studies and automated tool support are solicited in the following three areas:

  • Performance modeling and evaluation:
    • Probabilistic models.
    • Stochastic models.
    • Real-time models.
    • Performability models.
    • Queueing networks.
    • Quantitative extensions of automata.
    • Quantitative extensions of Petri nets.
    • Quantitative extensions of process calculi.
    • Specification of quantitative properties.
    • Analytical solution techniques.
    • Numerical solution techniques.
    • Simulation techniques.
    • Quantitative model checking.
    • Quantitative equivalence checking.
    • Quantitative static analysis.

  • System and network performance engineering:
    • Performance engineering of distributed, mobile, and embedded systems.
    • Performance engineering of wired and wireless communication networks.
    • Performance engineering of multimedia environments.
    • Cluster computing, grid computing, and peer-to-peer computing.
    • Performance-oriented design of computer systems and networks.
    • Constraint-based and model-driven system design.
    • Performance analysis, simulation, and experimental design.
    • Benchmark design and benchmark-based evaluation and monitoring.
    • Graceful degradation system design.
    • Quality of service and quality of security.

  • Software performance engineering:
    • Software performance modeling languages and model composition.
    • Performance-oriented software architecture and design.
    • Performance-oriented implementation, deployment, and maintenance.
    • Model-driven software performance engineering.
    • Software performance monitoring.
    • Interpretation of analysis results.
    • Software performance tool interoperability.
    • Software performance and other nonfunctional attributes.
    • Software performance and context awareness.
    • Software performance engineering of middleware and embedded systems.
    • Software performance engineering in specific application domains.

Past editions of the workshop: