18th International School on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design
Open PhD Forum

FOSAD invites submissions from PhD students who are willing to present their novel and ongoing research ideas and contributions.

Proposals (title and abstract) are due through the application form and can be uploaded and updated at any time, no later than August 1, 2018.

The proposals will be reviewed by the scientific committee of FOSAD.

The accepted proposals must be presented at the summer school during the open session of the PhD forum (20 min. per talk).

Program (Wed. 29)

• 15.00-16.00: formal methods and language based security
M. Busi (Univ Pisa)
Using Standard Typing Algorithms Incrementally, with Applications to Security.
R. Ometita (Univ. A.I. Cuza)
Formal Verification of Smart Contracts.
M. Vassena (Univ. Chalmers)
From Fine- to Coarse-Grained Dynamic Information Flow Control and Back, a verified program-transformation approach
• 16.05-16.45: protocol analysis
I. Rakotonirina (INRIA Nancy)
Deciding equivalence properties in security protocols.
D. Rausch (Univ. Stuttgart)
Universal Composability: A Comparison of Different Models.
• 17.00-17.40: secure IoT
R. Cherkaoui (ENSIAS)
Intrusion detection in Internet of Things and cloud-based platforms.
D. Ferraris (Univ. Malaga)
A Trust by Design Framework for the Internet of Things.
• 17.45-18.25: cryptography
C. Jacomme (LSV Cachan)
Symbolic methods applied to the automation of computational proofs.
A. Trieu (Univ. Rennes)
A Study on the Preservation on Cryptographic Constant-Time Security in the CompCert Compiler.