Performability-Aware Computing:

Logics, Models, and Languages

Programma di ricerca scientifica di rilevante interesse nazionale
Bandito con D.M. 1175 del 18/09/2007 (PRIN 2007)
Approvato con nota 95 del 23/07/2008

Project duration: 24 months
Starting date: September 22, 2008
Project leader: Marco Bernardo (University of Urbino)
Site leaders: Rocco De Nicola (University of Firenze)
Flavio Corradini (University of Camerino)
Vittorio Cortellessa (University of L'Aquila)
Jeremy Sproston (University of Torino)
Abstract: The project PaCo intends to contribute to the development and the integration of logics, models, and languages for the description and the analysis of performability-aware systems.
On the one hand, we plan to study separately some of the performability-aware formalisms proposed in the literature, in order to establish new theoretical properties or to make them more expressive.
On the other hand, we plan to relate some of those formalisms by means of suitable direct transformation functions from source models to object models as well as inverse functions for the propagation of results from object models back to source models.
The project will focus on stochastic variants of temporal logics and model checking, stochastic variants of process calculi and behavioral equivalences, probabilistic timed automata and models, specification of performability measures, and model transformations assisted by type systems.

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